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Fashion Designers are distressed with London Fashion Week

Friday, December 12, 2008

Betty Jackson on of the designer said "It's certainly odd that there is no squeeze being put on anybody else. This is an issue that needs to be raised. They are pushing London because we are not as strong as New York or Milan. London has always been vulnerable from a lot of perspectives – it is young and innovative but this industry functions more on finance than aesthetics." It was published in independent.co.uk which is a online magazine.

In the start magazine writes about the London fashion week, “Top British fashion designers claim London Fashion Week is being intentionally crushed by its rivals because it has refused to surrender its independence. The flagship UK fashion festival, which is held twice a year and opens today, is facing a threat that could reduce it from six to four days in its spring incarnation next year.

The claims emerged after the rival New York fashion week announced it was going to show its collections a week later than usual in February next year, a move that would cut London Fashion Week down to a bare four days, forcing top designers to abandon it and go elsewhere.”

British Fashion Council spokeswoman said, “"London Fashion Week is rich in talent. We currently have one of the most exciting crops of emerging designers showing.”
All the aspect of the fashion shows that the politics in the fashion week has taken place very strongly.
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"Madrid bans waifs from catwalks" News from BBC

Monday, November 3, 2008

Madrid fashion week, one of Spain's most prestigious shows, is banning underweight models on the basis of their body mass index (BMI).

UN health experts recommend a BMI of between 18.5 and about 25, and some models may fall well below the minimum.

The Spanish Association of Fashion Designers has decided to ban models who have a BMI of less than 18.

Unhealthily skinny models at last year's fashion shows led to protests from doctors and women's rights groups.

The association agreed to use the BMI - a calculation based on height and weight - in response to local government pressure.

It suggests that 30% of would-be participants fail this test and this year's fashion week, which begins on 18 September, will offer medical treatment to excessively thin models.


"The restrictions could be quite a shock to the fashion world at the beginning but I'm sure it's important as far as health is concerned," Leonor Perez Pita, director of the Madrid fashion show, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

Madrid's local government says it wants to set a more positive, healthy image of beauty for teenagers...read more...

"The Madrid fashion week runs from 18 September" published in BBC UK
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Now, Movie in the Fashion World

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recent, movie is going to released “Fashion”. It is the reality of fashion world. It is Madhur Bhandarkar movie.

Here is a news by Hindustan Times, "Fashion, Madhur Bhandarkar's film set in the glamorous but ruthless world of haute couture, is slated for its world premiere October 24 during the week-long 5th South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) here.

Nandita Das' Firaaq, also from India, is the opening night feature of the festival and Das starrer Ramchand Pakistani directed by Mehreen Jabbar is the closing film. The festival runs October 22-28.

SAIFF 2008 will present a select combination of full-length films, shorts and documentaries in a variety of genres. With several screening locations in Manhattan and high-profile sponsors like HBO, the New York Times and Time Warner Cable, the festival is dedicated to supporting established and emerging filmmakers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, as well as the South Asian diaspora.

Fashion, starring Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Raj Babbar explores the world of style through the emotional journeys of the key people that make up the industry -models, designers, photographers, agencies and businessmen...read more..."

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An Article on London Fashion Week

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"London's beautiful people will be spending most of the next week tearing from show to show, nursing fabulous party hangovers and trying to work out whether they should be saluting or sneering at the rubber gimp suit being paraded in front of them.

London Fashion Week is not for the easily exhausted. The shows are located in every crevice of the city (the more hip the designer, the more annoyingly random the venue) and the schedule always runs at least two hours behind. If the calendar weren't full enough, tonight is also the Baftas while Wednesday promises the rock and roll mayhem of the Brits. Get the Berocca ready, London's going to be non-stop glam for the next seven days.

Those who don't know their Balenciaga from their Bottega Veneta tend to mistakenly brand London Fashion Week as the dowdy cousin of Paris, Milan and New York. But while America might have the money, Italy the big names and France the haute couture, London is the launching pad for new designers. 'It's the creative kindergarten of the fashion world,' says Melanie Rickey, Grazia's fashion features editor.

And if the Eighties were about the New Romantics and the Nineties were defined by cool Britannia, the noughties are emerging as a cross between the two. Rickey refers to the trend as 'nu rave'. 'There's a young, vibrant energy' she says. 'Every decade has its moment and in London, it's now.' The US is clearly feeling the effect with a host of American fashion editors set to attend the shows. Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman in fashion, is reportedly flying in for private meetings with some of the key designers.So who should we be watching out for? The name on everyone's lips is that of 23-year-old Christopher Kane. After graduating from Central Saint Martin's a year ago, he's already bagged a position as design consultant for Donatella Versace while also finding time to create his own line, and his capsule collection for Topshop has just hit stores.

Another man who does a seriously hot frock is 29-year-old Mario Schwab. He won Best New Designer at November's British Fashion Awards and counts both Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue as fans. Meanwhile Duro Olowu's patchwork print silk dresses are fast becoming cult items.

Fashion week, of course, wouldn't be fashion week without some bonkers stuff going on. Gareth Pugh's clothes are about theatricality, not practicality. Think futuristic designs with a lot of latex. It's also important not to forget the designers who've helped to make the London fashion scene what it is. Paul Smith and Margaret Howell will both be showing and it's Jean Muir's final collection.

But the hottest ticket of the season is Marc Jacobs, who will be closing LFW with his Marc by Marc Jacobs show and having a very elite party 'with a few of his friends' in order to celebrate the opening of his first London store. The 2000 sq ft Mount Street premises will carry his his entire main line collection.

· Nicole Jackson is fashion assistant on Observer Woman Monthly"

Source From: Stylish, glamorous and utterly bonkers... yes, it's London fashion week
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Cohen in fourth fashion show disturbance - Yahoo News

Monday, October 6, 2008

Recently, Yahoo published a news about Fashion Shows,
"Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was ejected from a catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week in France on Friday, after climbing on stage and attempting to slip a note to the models.

The funnyman is currently filming scenes for his new movie Brüno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt.

Dressed as his camp alter-ego Bruno, he attempted to carry out his latest stunt at the JC De Castebajac show - scenes which are suspected to feature in his forthcoming comedy.

But he suffered a small setback when the models and audience ignored his presence and continued despite the disturbance.

The star was promptly ejected by security staff in what is his fourth attempt to disrupt a fashion show. Read More...

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“Report on the first Big Green Fashion Show”-My Comments

Monday, September 29, 2008

Normally, I write about fashion and new style in my blog but here I am writing about Big green Fashion show and that report from this source: http://www.gofurness.com/news/article/report-first-big-green-fashion-show

"The FYPs decided they wanted a fashion show with a difference, not the usual superficial glamour, make-up and latest gear. Fiona Kennedy, owner of Olive came up with the idea of an Eco Fashion Show. Following discussions, we decided to make the event happen in the summer so we could sit on the grass, have a picnic and listen to some local music. Well, that was assuming we were going to get some summer! Ford Park seemed the obvious venue and we decided to donate the ticket money to the restoration of Ford Park House.

Fiona and I are part of an off-the-wall and dynamic group called UCAN, (Ulverston Community Arts Network) who love to organise events with a difference and to support any community art in Ulverston. We ran with the FYP idea and tried to make the event as carbon neutral as possible. Harriet Knowles has been a star this summer, helping with other UCAN events and festivals and came up trumps once again with lots of help before during and de-rigging the event. We were also joined by the hard core FYP Nicola Foster, Kimberley Johnston, Thomas Hart, Becca Smith and Brooke Vanhinsbergh who are mad enough to turn up in all sorts of weather and still manage to have fun. This time we were joined by a new FYP, photographer and BAE recruit, David Lurie of www.fotogenesis.co.uk who kindly took photographs of the event and agreed to post them on Go Furness.

Many of the plans had to be abandoned early in the morning as the weather posed a threat to both health and safety and enjoyment of the event. It was touch and go up until about a couple of hours before we started. Amazingly, the sun shone through for us and the models took to the catwalk on the lawn. Herb Diamante was our MC for the day, and entertained us with a rather unusual outfit that he has sourced entirely from American charity shops where he has a very popular stage show. Geordie Chef Paul did an amazing BBQ and there was a ‘bar’ featuring Ulverston Brewing Company Ale amongst other things.

‘The Olive Girls’ modelled a colourful and funky range of eco fashion either organic or fair trade and there were teenage models but also a number of mature women. The Honeypot Community Group decorated T-shirts and the children modelled them for us. There were a number of vintage outfits and some really creative eco-rags that were designed by locals from discarded materials. Some of the highlights were a tutu made from bubble wrap, a recycled wedding dress and a dress made from ironed and crocheted carrier bags. There was also a dress made from scraps and buttons that I’m sure would look good on any catwalk designed by Emily Martin and an eye turning outfit by Hannah Houghton. George the dog wore his eco poo-bag collecting outfit and in my opinion, stole the show!

The FYPs managed to get round the local charity shops and throw together some interesting outfits including one of Nicola’s mother’s jump suits from the 70s that was on its way to a charity shop. The team really went for it with Sally Broom commentating and explaining where all the gear came from and how much each outfit had set them back (usually under £10). They entered in the Charity Shop Challenge part of the event and emerged the winners! Rumour has it that the winning bottles of wine have gone to Nicola’s house ready for a barbeque!

We were entertained by the local band The Prophets who were absolutely brilliant. They did an acoustic set that was upbeat but chilled at the same time and helped people to really get into the swing of it. I’m going to interview the Prophets, so more on that later.

Well we have a whole year to think about next year’s event and encourage young designers to really go for it. Let’s hope the weather is better, I think we are due a good summer in 09!"

It was published on 20th August of 2008 in above mentioned online article.
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Fashion with move or real life?

Friday, September 12, 2008

I want a debate on the subject of people’s fashion is inspired by real life or move fashion? Always we watch move or TV and think about their fashion who acts as a hero or heroin. What we think to see them?

I think we think about their fashion and we want to opt them. But it is possible to us. I don’t think so. Because there is society which not allows us to wear that types of clothes and beauty products.

I think so. But what another people think I don’t know that is why I want to ask the question.
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Men Fashion – What a Style!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What would you like to see in men fashion? What can be a new style for men? I think there are easy to choose a fashionable cloths for women but it is not easy for men. There a many stuff for women but men stuff are not like women after that it is not possible to decided what is stylish fashion for men.

What men look? I don't think they want only formal. They looks also jig-jag. They like to wear some unique like women but they are not able to be a fashionable like a women.

What do you think seeing the dress of men?????

Men Fashion
I don't think that you will avoid it. It can be also in the under of fashion.
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Fashion with hair style

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New hair style of Amir Khan

You can be fashionable with your hair style if your hair moves according to you. Amir Khan from bollywood is on the most hot and stylish person by his hair. No one has changed his face like Amir Khan by their hair style. But Amir Khan is now famous person for it.

In his every movie almost he has changed his hair style. Amir’s hair style changes his face also.

Now you can see him a new style also. That is his fashion…

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Colombiamoda fashion show in Medellin

Sunday, August 10, 2008

On 30th July, 2008, Hindustan Times has posted a fashion picture about Colombiamoda fashion show which had been organized in Medellin, Colombia. The picture is related to Models display creation which was taken during Colombiamoda fashion show by Leonisa Colombia's company. The picture by HT is …

Colombiamoda fashion show By Hindustan Times

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A lady fashion in new style

Monday, August 4, 2008


A fashion by a lady can be or is in new style. Lady like live in fashion. They want to change their life with new fashion, new style so they look beautiful. They have idea to update themselves also so they are updated in fashion.

A lady can be updated in her clothes. Nowadays there are short cloths are famous for ladies. So, they like to wear short or stylish clothes.
fashionable skirt
In their shoes, all ladies are also updated. They like to put on a new and fashionable shoes.

fashionable ladies shoes
So, if a lady is in new style that means she is new style or fashion. There are some sample of clothes and shoes which is liked by ladies.
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Fashion Show in World

Saturday, July 26, 2008

There were fashion shows in world as one world fashion show week. We know not only India but also all the world are now participating in fashion show. Even in our city we can see a fashion show week. Fashion shows are now not only a particular theme but also it is in new style and almost all the products are going to advertise this shows. Like summer fashion shows, winter fashion show, world fashion show etc. Here are a video by YouTube which present a show on world fashion -

This is the fashion of world in which all new style you can watch about that. Now you can justify about that yourself.

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What is fashion?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fashion has many concept. If you are in style, it means you are in fashion. People normally says, he is in fashion. What it means. It means you have adopted a new style. You are getting smart. Fashion makes people smarter.

How fashion makes people smarter? You have adopted new things in new style it is initial stage of fashion. If you are going to take a risk in the society in new clothing it is also fashion.

There are In all over world is fashion show and fashion designer who design cloths. It blog is intended to fashion in new style.

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Fashion In New Style