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Fashion Show in World

Saturday, July 26, 2008

There were fashion shows in world as one world fashion show week. We know not only India but also all the world are now participating in fashion show. Even in our city we can see a fashion show week. Fashion shows are now not only a particular theme but also it is in new style and almost all the products are going to advertise this shows. Like summer fashion shows, winter fashion show, world fashion show etc. Here are a video by YouTube which present a show on world fashion -

This is the fashion of world in which all new style you can watch about that. Now you can justify about that yourself.

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What is fashion?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fashion has many concept. If you are in style, it means you are in fashion. People normally says, he is in fashion. What it means. It means you have adopted a new style. You are getting smart. Fashion makes people smarter.

How fashion makes people smarter? You have adopted new things in new style it is initial stage of fashion. If you are going to take a risk in the society in new clothing it is also fashion.

There are In all over world is fashion show and fashion designer who design cloths. It blog is intended to fashion in new style.

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Fashion In New Style