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A Design of Fashionable Dress

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dress Designing
A design of fashionable dress is depend on designer in the modern world. There is a design of fashionable dress which has been designed by a trailer. She is not a designer but she can design various types of fashionable dress. Take a look of fashionable design of dress.
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Similarities between Fashion and Beauty

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Many times I tried to find similarities or differences between fashion and beauty. But always I found similarities in both. In my point of view there are lots of similarities between fashion and beauty. I want to share something below:

Fashion and beauty are the indication of prosperity

Fashion and beauty come with the development of civilization

Beauty brings fashion as well as fashion brings beauty

Fashion and beauty always bring new style

Fashion always have been found in metro and beauty as well

In spite of we can talk about natural beauty also which is far way from fashion. But here also I am disagreeing. In my point of view natural beauty can’t be founded if they don’t concern with fashion.

These are my perception about fashion and beauty after a great thinking. If you have another perception and if you find differences in both then let me know.
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Shari Fashion in India gives a new Look of Fashion

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shari Fashion
I said in the title of the post that “Shari fashion in India gives a new look of fashion” then I have some sold answer about the topic. Indian women have been known always as simple women wearing of Shari. But in the recent development bring others fashionable dress for Indian women also. It shows that Indian culture is breaking with the new culture which has come from west.

All the Indian pundits were very angry and conscious about the affect because they think Indian culture is best and no one culture breaks it. But they had ignores the globalization which was started from 1995 very sincerely in India also.

At first Indian women tries to adopt new fashion clothes which came from Indian movies. But in the recent graph shows in 2007-2008 that Indian women like Shari mostly, now. It is not a fashion again for Indian women but also most of the western women like to wear Shari now.

It is the fashion of today’s development. I can say that not women but also very young girl has liked to wear Shari in even day to day life. You can see Bengal girl, or Indian moves which have brought the fashion of Shari.

Now, I think my word is very clear to you that why Shari fashion in India gives a new look of Fashion.
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Fashion In New Style